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About Abu Dhabi IPO Fund

The Abu Dhabi IPO Fund (ADIPOF) is a government led initiative that enables private enterprises to accelerate growth by facilitating Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

The fund recognises that successful IPOs require a consistent and comprehensive approach across three stages:

  • IPO readiness assessment and preparation
  • Execution
  • Initial public trading

ADIPOF supports businesses, through all three stages by providing education, guidance and potential financial support that enable cost-efficient and streamlined processes, that will reinforce ADX’s status as a leading stock exchange in the region.

The fund will support companies along their IPO process through its advisory capabilities, tailored relationship management and ecosystem access to key process stakeholders. ADIPOF can also act as an investor in the public book building phase.

ADIPOF contributes to a diversified investment landscape and potentially provide companies with access to growth capital, thereby creating liquidity for founders and sponsors. It is a unique vehicle that will enable firms to access public markets rapidly, easily, and economically; and will stimulate private sector-led growth in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi’s economic policies are best suited to developing outstanding business entities in the emirate, which are based on innovation, technology, and talent development. ADIPOF will help facilitate the economic restructuring of existing businesses, the creation of dynamic entities, and inflows of foreign investment to the emirate.

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